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 Information about Montgomery

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Montgomery is the oldest town in the state of San Andreas. Dating all the way back to about a millenia ago, when it was a settlement of the Native American tribe called Kitanemuk. Montgomery has always been used for farming. Later co-operating with Blueberry Acres, it has always been known for its stable economy and independence. It started getting a more serious reputation at around the creation of Fort Carson in the late 19th century, seeing as FC was considered an opponent and a competitor. The Monties (the people) started earning surplus crops, selling the rest to other states. This earned them a large economical boost which lasted through the First World War, just until the Wall Street Crash right after.

The Crash ripped the city apart from all sides possible. Farms were left empty, partnership with Blueberry Acres stopped, and government subsidising stopped, everything that could go wrong; did. And once the world recovered from the Crash, Montgomery was left with little to nothing. The only thing that that stopped it from perishing was the generous and continuous support from Palomino Creek. Eventually, Montgomery came up on a steady level again and started producing crops like before.

The name of the city, Montgomery, has lasted throughout history with only very few additions to it over time. The town has had a list of names, actually:

• Fort Montgomery
• Montgomery Central (being a part of a county)
• MoonGoom (during the 70’s)
There were more names, but their resemblance to the above mentioned is extreme. The history of the name is unknown, but it is presumed to be named after an Indian chief.

Pre-Nuclear Winter

In the more modern times, 1950’s-1992, Montgomery worked as the agricultural centre. It wasn’t exactly a tourist-place, and it definitely wasn’t cultural. One of the few events that were held every year was the “Official San Andreas Barn Party” which was hosted along with the people from Blueberry. People wishing to get drunk and play in hay came from all over the state, and sometimes others, to partake.

The town was suffering from a lack of rain during the 60’s which lead to a little decline in crops. This quickly evened itself out, and barn parties were held quite a lot. Visitors came mainly from Fort Carson and Las Venturas at that point.

The 70’s was Montgomery’s highpoint. Not only did they get back what they had lost in the past (except for the Blueberry Acres who were now competitors)), but they also gained more. The economy was in fact so strong that they gave Palomino Creek 50% of all income earned, between 1973-1976, effectively paying back their “debt” to the Creekers.

The 80’s was a bit more criminal than the decades prior. A lot of organized, and un-organized, crime appeared within the town which gave it a slightly negative reputation. This didn’t slow down the economy, no it simply strengthened it. Law Enforcement was also brought in to deal with the issues, but it was never completely settled. All this continued into the final two years in the 90’s, while the disaster left Montgomery deserted like most places yet still almost uncontaminated.


Montgomery now works as the main, and only, food provider within San Andreas. It has quite a bit of population, and is mainly lead by the oldest. Montgomery is also a hot spot for scientists at times, making it quite popular, but still it is not as big as Fort Carson. Montgomery also works extremely closely with Fort Carson. They provide crops, meat, dairy products and other vital things necessary for survival in these harsh conditions. A few traders have set up camp in Montgomery, and merchants come to Montgomery a lot, obviously wanting to trade anything for food.

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Information about Montgomery
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